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First Class iPhone 6 Plus [Phone case]

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  • South Korea South Korea
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First Class iPhone 6 Plus

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- iFace First Class is a case which provides lots of values such as good grip,protection and beautiful design
for users by using charateristics of its material and functions. Overall, it is made with urethane that is shockproof to protect
your cell-phone from outside impact. Also, the honeycomb pattern of the product reduces heat conduction of smart-phone
by using space efficiently.

- Perfect Grip : A streamline design on the back of case provides excellent and different feeling of a grip.
- Original iFace : 99.9% Gold-plated sticker ensures genuine iFace products.
- Honeycomb : We applied beehive patterns inside the urethane to maintain the anti-shock function,
while reducing weight and volume, aiming for differentiation in design and function.
- Urethane Material : Breaking away form old idea that cell phone cases have to be small,
we used urethane materials in order to focus on anti-shock function, the inherent function of this case.
- Membrane : Enable to control the button delicately by membrane method

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First Class iPhone 6 Plus -Phone case-

First Class iPhone 6 Plus -Phone case-

First Class iPhone 6 Plus -Phone case-

First Class iPhone 6 Plus -Phone case-